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We believe that being proactive and pragmatic in dealing with the new healthcare changes is essential for your short and long term business and personal economic goals.

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When the new federal healthcare plan starts to take effect, physicians need to position themselves and their practices for the new paradigms. Since insurance companies and Medicare reimbursements may decline for certain coding scenarios, it is essential to find alternative ancillary programs and cost containment methods to enhance medical practice income. We provide solutions for these issues and can customize many programs that will have an advantageous impact on many facets of your operation. Our programs will benefit your patients, your staff and your practice economics. Let us illustrate the advantages and benefits we can bring to the table. Aidarex would like to present you with a short webinar demonstrating all the programs that we provide. Please contact us at 1-951-270-0816 for a 20 minute meeting at your convenience.

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