Accountable Care Organization

We provide your ACO with the tools to ensure medication compliance is achieved while reaching your economic goals and Medicare benchmarks.

ACO Dispensing Programs

Aidarex provides physicians, carriers, hospital–owned clinics, and a majority of medical specialty clinics, with Medication Dispensing Programs. Aidarex programs will be a critical component to the success of your Accountable Care Organization (ACO). Aidarex has developed dispensing programs that are extremely practical and user friendly. Our dispensing systems provide total accountability, compliance and reconciliation. We can provide your facilities with a web-based Adjudication system that allows you to dispense to all Medicare patients and a majority of your HMO/PPO patients. You can offer a Cash and Carry program to your patients or adjudicate the dispensed medications. Aidarex can create a customized program to address your ACO requirements.

  • Aidarex will provide your ACO with all the information and processes needed for your Medicare application process regarding its programs and services. We will supply additional information for your patient engagement description illustrating the work flow process and Quality Performance Standards you will need in your description of “Clinical & Patient Centered-Care Criteria for Application”. Aidarex will work with and support your team throughout the application and set up process.
  • On the front end, our programs generate revenue. They increase your percentage of exceeding Medicare benchmarks on the back end.
  • Aidarex systems integrate with e-Prescribe and a majority of EMR’s and P/M systems.
  • Our programs reduce on average 5.5 hours a day of pharmacy request for refills, substitutions and controlled substance verification. Physician interruptions are substantially decreased.
  • We can create custom dispensing programs for your primary care, pediatric, internal medicine physicians and specialists.
  • Aidarex has 23 years in the pharmaceutical repackaging and physician dispensing industry. We are licensed and inspected by the FDA, DEA, State Board of Pharmacy, and State Food & Drug Administration. We maintain licenses in 48 States. Aidarex is VAWD–certified and accredited by the NABP.

Let Aidarex illustrate the benefits and advantages we create for your patients, physicians and their staff. Developing solutions that increase patient compliance, improve practice efficiencies and enhance economics are the dynamics Aidarex brings to your ACO.

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