Aidarex can provide your facilities with an adjudication system so you can dispense medication directly to your HMO/PPO and Medicare patients.

Aidarex Offers BillingScripts Rx Adjudication Program

Would you like to dispense medications to patients who want to use their insurance pharmacy benefit plan or Medicare plan? Our adjudication program makes it simple and practical for staff while you dramatically increase patient compliance and satisfaction by saving them additional trips to the pharmacy.

Program Overview

Aidarex offers BillingScripts Rx™ service to enable physicians to accept most pharmacy plans. By far, the largest patient demographic in every physician’s office is either Medicare or commercial medical coverage which often includes pharmacy benefits. Instead of losing revenue, physicians can now dispense medication to the majority of their patients having pharmacy benefits versus writing a prescription and having the local pharmacy fill it. BillingScripts Rx™ is the most cost-effective pharmaceutical billing and funding service. It is not only simple but easy to fill prescriptions within the physician’s office in just a few minutes.

What’s Included in BillingScripts Rx™ Service?

  • Contracting and Credentialing
  • Cash Management
  • Switch Fees
  • Transaction Reconciliation and Reporting
  • Claim Processing Software Module
  • Help Desk Support for Claim Processing
  • Audit Services (charges may apply)
  • General Customer Support
  • Contract Assistance with pharmacy plans outside of BillingScripts RX™ Program

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