Aidarex Services

Custom Physician Dispensing Programs
Aidarex can provide your practice with many different in-office dispensing program options based on your medical specialty. Our programs are technologically driven for speed, reconciliation, patient safety and staff practicality.

Accountable Care Organization (ACO)
Aidarex is poised to support you through your ACO application and setup process.

Distribution Warehouse/Reduced Holding Costs
Aidarex provides Manufacturers/ Wholesalers with the ability to hold product and or distribute it to the Western US or in 48 states in which we operate.

Fulfillment/Contract Pharmaceutical Packaging
Aidarex provides custom packaging fulfillment and brand labeling with the addition of holding your products and distributing your finished products.

Federal Government Pharmaceutical Programs
Aidarex can develop Federal Government Pharmaceutical programs that result in increased cost containment outcomes while enhancing the functions of your operation.

State & Municipal Pharmaceutical Programs
Aidarex offers full services to State Health and Human Services, State Medicaid programs, nursing homes and home healthcare programs.

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