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Aidarex Pharmaceuticals with our partner Liberty Pharmaceuticals can provide pharmaceutical custom packaging for military hospitals, military medical centers, central–fill pharmacies, troop deployment, mobile medical units and programs that support the infirmaries on board Naval and Coast Guard ships.

  • Liberty Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a Veteran Owned and managed Small Business operating under Federal Contracts, has over 30 years experience servicing major Federal Government medical facilities, with special emphasis and expertise in servicing Military Pharmacies.
  • Liberty Pharmaceuticals / Aidarex Pharmaceuticals: provides custom Unit-of-Use packaging that addresses your specific needs in your pharmacy.
  • Liberty has a product line of over 1500 items that include Schedule II through Schedule V Controlled Drugs. We offer the most common used meds in 30, 60 or 90 day regimens.
  • Liberty has both DAPA and DBPA Contracts for your purchasing convenience and is an approved vendor with all Government-contracted Prime Vendors. Your Government Credit Card is also accepted.
  • Liberty will Drop Ship orders Direct to your facility and Invoice through your Prime Vendor; or will ship directly to your Prime Vendor's Distribution Center.
  • All Liberty Unit-of-Use products are packaged in HDPE bottles with tamper-evident, heat-foil sealed CRC caps.
  • We package in a 60cc or 40cc bottle for the convenience of dispensing in PickPoint, Omni Cell, and Adds Machines.
  • Liberty product labels are Color Coded by Product Groups. The NDC Bar Code and 2D Bar Code scans and identifies the NDC Number, Lot Number, Expiration Date and Pill Count for use in PickPoint and other automated dispensing systems.
  • Liberty will customize your label to fit the needs of your pharmacy.
  • Liberty Pharmaceuticals' Unit-of-Use products provide many benefits to your pharmacy, including:
  • Using UoU products can save up to 2 hours of dispensing time per day allowing more time for training and time with patients.
  • Liberty products will reduce patient waiting time in the pharmacy.
  • Liberty products will reduce inventory time especially with controls.
  • Using Liberty Unit-Of-Use will significantly reduce overall direct labor costs and reduce the chance of dispensing errors
  • Liberty’s Unit-of-Use will bring product quality and safety to your pharmacy.
  • Liberty/Aidarex provides you with a state of the art pharmaceutical packaging facility, managed by a professional staff with over 50 years of packaging and pharmaceutical manufacturing experience.
  • Our facility is a FDA/DEA, California State Board of Pharmacy and State Food and Drug and DEA licensed facility.
  • Packaging is done in climate controlled clean rooms with dedicated air handling systems to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Our operating systems provide pedigree documentation, certified SOP’s and GMP’s along with validated high speed CVC packaging equipment.
  • We can provide climate controlled storage facilities to reduce holding costs.

For detailed information, please contact Dale Garlow, Aidarex Chief Operating Officer, at 1-951-270-0816.

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