Distribution Facility

Our Distribution Facility, Second to None

Aidarex provides climate controlled warehouse and distribution services. Aidarex is licensed to distribute pharmaceuticals into 48 States. Our location is very advantageous for receiving and shipping products. Aidarex is less than 40 minutes from Port of LA, LAX, Long Beach Airport, John Wayne Airport, Ontario Airport, FedEx hubs and UPS hubs. Aidarex can reduce your national shipping costs while enhancing your marketing and sales goals.

Incorporating state-of-the-art packaging machinery, dedicated clean rooms, entry control systems, and our 23–point inspection track, Aidarex operates the industry's finest purpose-built pharmaceutical distribution facility. We're very proud of this perfect complement to our near quarter century of experience in pharmaceutical repackaging and unit-of-use distribution.

Please call Aidarex to discuss our unique distribution services at 1-951-270-0816.

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