Our Compelling Difference

Aidarex's customer service and client support are the best in the industry. Our ability to respond to our clients needs on the spot is critical to all parties. Trust, dependability and reliability are the keys that set us apart.

Leveraging over 23 years experience in physician dispensing, Aidarex programs provide simple staff interface, increased patient safety, accountability, reliability and trust. Customer Service and IT support are critical components of our success.

What our compelling difference brings you:

  1. Aidarex provides your practice with over 23 years of physician dispensing experience.
  2. Consistent, quick turn around time, excellent customer service and 24/7 software support. Our reliability, dependability, and compliance, with consistent pricing, provide you with a peace of mind.
  3. Our experience and relationships provide added value to improve the economics of your practice. We also offer cost containment programs.
  4. The beauty of our program is that if you have an internet connected computer and a printer, you already have everything you need to get started! Our web-based dispensing software is user friendly, practical and has parameters set in place to help keep your practice in compliance with your respective State's rules and regulations.
  5. Aidarex can customize a dispensing program for your specific medication needs. We offer a direct Workers' Comp program, Pharmaceutical Workers' Comp Management Programs, Cash & Carry Programs, Adjudication, or combinations of these programs to complement your practice.

Our goal is to address your needs every day.

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