Tim Patrick

It is Aidarex's goal to provide physicians with the finest in ancillary
programs and cost containment programs to enhance the overall
operation of your practice.

Tim Patrick is founder and CEO of Aidarex Pharmaceuticals. In addition to his leadership role at Aidarex, he has held Sr. VP and COO positions in the pharmaceutical repackaging industry for 17 of 23 years before starting Aidarex. Tim has been a guest speaker at numerous healthcare and hospital conventions.

Tim pioneered dispensing programs and systems that have become industry standards. Creating and developing dispensing programs that address clients' unique requirements while exceeding federal and state regulations is Tim’s expertise. His ability to create programs that enhance patient compliance and convenience while increasing medical office efficiencies drives Aidarex’s success. Today, Aidarex is developing solutions for the emerging ACO healthcare model.

Tim earned his B.A. in international relations at University of Southern California. He concentrated on Asian and Western European foreign policy and global economics. He enjoys boating and golfing.

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