Workers' Comp

Aidarex provides your practice with Workers' Comp Pharmaceutical management programs that increase your medication collection rates while reducing front and back office burdens.

Medication Management Programs for Physicians Who Treat Worker's Comp Patients

Aidarex offers an adjudication system that retail pharmacy chains utilize that allows you to dispense to your PPO/HMO, Medicare patients and your work comp patients. Our dispensing programs now allow you to dispense on average to 90% plus of your patients. We have two pharmaceutical management models to address your specific needs. We can provide you with the following service:

  1. Full pharmaceutical management services. We will set up the medication dispensing systems, train all staff, and order all medications on your behalf and based on your utilization. Oversee all inventory management, review compliance processes, and provide all billing and collections, set up full adjudication system for HMO/PPO and Medicare patients. (Takes 60 days at the most for contracts and credentialing)
  2. Work Comp management program and Direct Adjudication or Cash & Carry programs. We would provide a management program for all of your work comp patients and your facility would open up a direct account with Aidarex for all your HMO/PPO & Medicare patients. Your facility will retain 100% of the revenue generated for all adjudicated patents. If you go direct then there will be a onetime set-up fee for the adjudication contracts and credentialing and a monthly fee based on scripts processed through the system. The fees range from $229-$499 a month as a click fee for the Pharmaceutical Benefit Manager (PBM) that gets paid for processing all scripts through our dispensing system.

In addition to our core medication programs we also provide your practice with these other ancillary programs. The goal is to provide you with the most advantageous programs under one umbrella:

  • Urine Drug Testing (UDT)/Screening
  • Compounds and mail order compound services
  • DME programs

Please feel free to give us a call at 1-951-270-0816 to discuss these opportunities in detail, or click here to sign up now!

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