Workers' Comp

Orthopedic Surgeons, D.O.’s, Industrial/Occupational Practices, Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinics

If you deal within the Workers’ Compensation arena, Aidarex Pharmaceuticals Workers’ Comp Dispensing Programs provide increased medication compliance while creating substantial economics for your organization based on your State’s Workers’ Comp Pharmaceutical Fee Schedule. Revenues are based on medication, prescription, size, strength and patient volume. Aidarex provides your facility with all the information needed to bill and collect within the Workers’ Comp arena.

As a pioneer in this industry, Aidarex provides a fine-tuned, practical, simplistic dispensing system that provides an array of benefits for physician and staff with increased compliance for your patient. As a result of these benefits we will also reduce 85%-95% of all pharmacy calls. This will reduce pharmacy refill requests, request for substitutions, verification of prescriptions for controlled substances, and a major reduction in physician interruptions.

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