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SERVICES - benefits of dispensing


Added Revenue to Your Practice

Each medication forwarded to a pharmacy for fulfillment is an ancillary opportunity walking right out the door. By implementing an in-office dispensing program, that revenue can be captured either through direct cash payment from the patient or insurance/worker’s compensation reimbursement.


Increased Prescription Compliance

Did you know that several billion is spent per year in unnecessary hospital costs simply due to patients’ non-compliance with prescription medication? Aidarex’s programs provide the means and ability for caregivers to dispense medication directly to their patients, at the time of their visit, which helps to ensure that they will receive exactly what they are prescribed so they can begin treatment immediately.


Physician dispensing also helps eliminate the chance that the Patient’s prescription will go unfulfilled simply because they never reach the next step of physically going to the Pharmacy. The delay in filling scripts (or failure to fill scripts altogether) for Patients that cannot get to the pharmacy because they rely on public transportation, or friends/family might result in an otherwise unnecessary but always expensive ER hospital visit that might have been avoided.


Promotes Patient Convenience and Satisfaction

Did you know that in-office dispensing has consistently ranked in the top 3 services offered by clinics in patient satisfaction surveys ranking ahead of services such as: in-office labs, in-house diagnostic equipment, physical therapy, procedure financing, etc.? In a national survey over 2/3rds of patient’s would prefer to receive their medications at the point of care than at the pharmacy.


Reduces Prescription Confusion

When a prescription is faxed, emailed, or phoned in to a pharmacy, a lot can get lost in translation. This issue alone has lead to 3.3 billion adverse drug reactions due to illegible handwriting/abbreviations and unclear phone orders (Institute for Safe Medicine Practices). Being able to receive medications at the point of care eliminates the need for written or faxed instructions to the pharmacy, that aren’t always processed correctly and helps promote better in-office medication consultation.


Saves Time for the Patient and Increases Time for Patient Care

Time is one of the things everyone wishes they had more of and when that time has to be spent waiting in line for a prescription, frustrations soar. In-Office dispensing eliminates the entire need to go to the pharmacy, and the dreaded line altogether.


Aidarex’s dispensing systems also reduce an average of 5.5 hours per day of tedious tasks related to sending prescriptions to the pharmacy including: pharmacy requests for refills, checking and approving medication substitutions, running control substance verifications, processing and faxing paperwork, etc. Through dispensing, these types of interruptions are substantially decreased, which often allows an additional 3-5 more patients to be seen per day.